Fiber Is Great For Weight Loss


According to recent studies, the intake of fiber is considered to be a promising way to shed some extra pounds. In fact, eating judiciously is the quickest way to losing unwelcome weight. However, the trick doesn’t pull the trigger right there. Choosing the right category of food is essential to any diet that allows you to lose weight.

Fiber: All that you need to know

Not many people are aware of the digestive uses of fiber. In a world of simplified learning, just know that fiber is basically carbs that cannot be digested. However, there happens to be a certain distinctions within the fibers itself – soluble and insoluble fiber. However, you don’t want to incorporate Insoluble fibers in your diet since it will add to your bulk. The soluble fibers are the one that you need to chase. It not just helps in improving the overall health condition but fastens the metabolism as well.

How does Plant Fiber help in weight loss?

The alimentary canal is the heavenly abode of an infinite number of bacteria. And a particular kind, named ‘gut flora’ happens to be obesity’s enemy. Hence, they are an obese person’s best guide to killing the excess weight. Some intestinal flora play an influential role in maintaining good health while some are ravenous in their malignant activities. Now the good bacteria need food in order to carry on with activities that will help your body. You don’t want to compromise on the nourishment they require since they will help you fight with obesity and other diseases.

Now, when you consume soluble fibers, it passes undigested to the intestines where these bacteria happily feed on them. The gut floras produce essential nutrients while consuming the fiber.

Inflammation in the gut is one of the major factors that leads to weight gain through the regulation of the leptin hormone. Plus, many metabolic and neural diseases might occur due to habitual inflammation. The nutrients that the gut bacteria produce help in reducing the inflammation and eventually, reducing your weight. Now remember, the higher the levels of soluble fiber you consume, the lower the levels of inflammation will be.

Fun-fact: Look for viscous Fiber

There happens to be another unknown fact about fibers that can reduce body weight. It has been scientifically proven that viscous fibers reduces the desire for food, and in turn, reduces general calorie intake.

Fibers like β-glucans, psyllium, glucomannan and guar gum are high in their viscous levels that is, they form a gel-like consistency in the alimentary canal and reduces the appetency for more food.

Fiber supplements: Dos and Don’ts

Consuming fibers with high viscosity makes you less hungry while it takes more time in digesting the food. Beans, oatmeal, asparagus, flax seeds are highly beneficial soluble fibers that could be consumed daily. You could also ingest fiber supplements if you want to. However, most fiber supplements are incompetent in producing the desired results with an exception of one. Search for supplements which have a fiber named glucomannan. This can be a potent addition to your everyday food habit that could fasten up the weight-loss procedure.

Healthy eating is the key to healthy living. So, change your food habits and make sure you eat the right quantity of the right food. Keep patience and you surely will see the effective results.